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Most Advanced Regenerative Medicine today!

The Regenerative Medicine Protocols found on this website are real possibilities for living a life free of sickness and disease. A New yet Ancient Vision of what Healthy means is found here. The Human Accelerator and America’s Medicine Wheels have Insights, Knowledge and Understandings of an Ancient Science that can bring a person back from Stage 4 Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and more. It can heal new & decades old injuries,… especially sports. Our Second Genesis Protocol™ accelerates healing of ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones & skin. Plus, our 2G Protocols™ are part of  what Wee call…the Original Happy Meal! Happy hour is going to take on a Whole New Perspective…

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Growing the Eyes to See...

A Second Genesis Awakening Age…
A Truth Whose Time Has Come…

Regenerative Medicine is at the heart of Immune Therapy. With what you learn here, putting this knowledge into action will Transform Cells at the most complex levels possible. It is an Ancient Science beyond the current understandings of our western models for how the body and its’ organs are able to function. The 2G Protocol™ meals of a Second Genesis Diet are filled with Cellular Intelligence that already knows what to do. WEE just swallow delicious bite after bite while the Healing and Transformation takes place…Automatically! This is the Beginnings… Experience Curriculum & Counseling…embodied at America’s Medicine Wheels.



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Video is an Introduction to: The Second Genesis Diet: Welcome Home

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Video above is an introduction to: The Second Genesis Transformation: Passage to Spontaneous Regeneration

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 Words Are Medicine…

Words have power to influence emotion, thoughts and imaginings. Each of us have varying responses to the following words…cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, indigestion, arthritis, colds, flu, fever, constipation, aches and pains, suffering, incontinence, kidney failure, liver disease, sickness, rash, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, light headed, blurred vision…the list is endless as to the reality of what it’s been to BE HUMAN.

That’s all going to Change…right here, right now…on this website…with Powerful, Insightful Content in video’s and books. Every word just listed and the endless number’s that could continue to be written will take on a Whole and New Reality as you Move Forward into this website. The Future of Mankind is Bright, Hopeful and Empowering in Ways Unimaginable right now.

The Human Accelerator is dedicated and set apart to BE the Friend you’ve never had…that will tell you in simple word & Story…the Human Mystery that has been for thousands of years…an Illusive Vision to Simply Fill a Full Measure of Being Human…an Existence Free of Sickness & Disease all the Days of your Human Walk of Life. This is the Promise of the Universe…It’s Intent to Evolve Mankind into an Ancient yet Modern Reality…that is, at It’s Core…a Second Genesis of the Human Condition…where the Square Root of Truth will be Shown Plainly to All. We are the Hope for Generations to Come.

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A Truth Whose Time Has Come…
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