Herbal use has significantly grown in America over the past three decades. Here on this website, herbal use is presented in a perspective that is part of the daily diet and lifestyle for someone living in this plant-based human Reality. There is a Grace of Intelligence embodied in the Plant Kingdom that is an Integral Part of Mankind’s Existence. It has been this Way for thousands of years and is now becoming “mainstream” once again.

TREE: A “light look” into America’s redwood forests 

My wife and I began a “united” Journey into Forever on one Eventful Fall Day two decades ago. The song in this video goes back to the early 1900’s and was very popular at that time… It’s a nice, light & “entertaining” video sharing of some rare moments in the redwood forests of northern California. It is about Connection to All Living…especially the kingdom of tree Giants.

COMFREY PART 1:  How to work with comfrey leaf

This is the first in a four part series on the comfrey plant. This plant has been “outlawed” for sale here in America because of unproven fears around it’s affect on the liver. I’ve been working with comfrey for over a decade and have found none of the FDA claims were warranted. Not withstanding the fear generated about this herb, it has remarkable healing powers within it’s genetic structure and waters.

COMFREY PART 2:  More on comfrey uses

This segment shows how to clean and bundle the comfrey leaves and stems for drying.

COMFREY PART 3:  Comfrey Harvesting

Adam’t heads over to Susan’s Humanity Garden where the comfrey plant is in need of some harvesting. 


Here is where adam’t shows how he cleans, chops, grinds and then makes “comfrey waters” for internal use…for drinking. This is where the FDA states comfrey is not to be used internally. Adam’t found out through his own Experience how the body responded to drinking these “comfrey waters”…for three full years…nine months out of each year…when it was available from Susan’s Humanity Garden here in Toquerville, Ut.