Welcome to the video portion of this website. Here you will be able to learn and come to understand Forces of Nature…of the Living Earth and Living Universe from the founder and creator of America’s Medicine Wheels, Adam’t Gardener, PhC. The first series of short video’s, added together, form a 2 hour Journey into the Second Genesis Life & Times of adam’t. It is important to begin with Accelerations and progress through the video series for each video contains thoughts and insights that build upon one another.

Welcome to T.H.A. Be…ing Human…Movie

ACCELERATIONS:       T.H.A. 2G Awakening Age...  

Adam’t begins this “Be…ing Human” video series with an introduction to not only the incredible age in which we currently find ourselves but also introduces America’s Medicine Wheels with it’s current location in the desert southwest just outside Zion National Park. The geology of this high desert region is breathtaking. Hope you enjoy your “first ride” on The Human Accelerator.

METAPHOR:  An Ancient Language Comes Full Circle

There is an Ancient Language that exists across all human dialect’s that has Timeless Origins. Here in America,  “hidden in plain site” within English words are deeper meanings one would rarely find in a dictionary. Understanidng Metaphor is Vital to A Truth Whose Time Has Come. This is a must see for further Understandings.

BRIDGES:  Two Islands of Human Reality…Finding an Oasis of Life

In this video a Bridge is already being used as a Metaphor.  America’s Medicine Wheel is a Bridge to Crossover into a new Island of Human Possibilities…A Place Free of Sickness & Disease. 

UNDERSTANDINGS PART 1:  Living to Our Fullest 

Adam’t has gained some amazing Insights along his Journey into a Life Free of Sickness & Disease.

UNDERSTANDINGS PART 2:  Turning DNA On & Off Using a 2G Diet & Lifestyle

The second half of this video begins to pierce deeply into the Second Genesis Protocols of Life available to everyone to Experience in the comfort of their own “Hallowed Home Hospice.” It is Life Altering to Embrace this Truth Whose Time Has Come.

KNOWINGS PART 1:  Root Cause, Cure & Antidote 4 Sickness & Disease

This video provides a historical view into the environmental forces that have such a powerful influence on our DNA. The word Epigentic’s is more clearly defined. We all have the Power and Choise to completely change the Epigenetic World within us.

KNOWINGS PART 2:  Activating the 2nd Genesis Epigenetic Lifestyle

The Possibilities are Timeless, Eternal and have Roots in our DNA. We are not creatures evolved from monkeys!!! Embracing what we are so we can begin to know who we are and who we might someday become is not only Possible…it is our Birthright, Heritage and Inheritance to Become that Possiblity.

T.H.A…”Becoming” video…begins here

This is a Pivotal Moment in this video series called T.H.A. Be…ing Human Movie. Adam’t has been sharing his Insights throughout the previous video’s and in this next sequence of four videos, adamt’s Life Experiences culminate in an Event that at first, seemed catastrophic, when…in Reality…it led to an Increase of Awareness that changed his whole Perspective on  the Second Genesis Life and Times he had been “Wandering In”…


BECOMING PART 1:  Awakening t.h.a. SuperHero Within…Forever…

Once again we look at the creative natures of mankind here in America with it’s proliferation of super humans that right the wrongs of humanity. It is a Movement of Consciousness few individuals ever See…but now can be Accelerated into “Seeing” through a Second Genesis “Stand back” Perspective.

BECOMING PART 2:  Science Comes Full Circle into…Ancient Insights 

Getting into more scientific details of how a New Life may be Influenced to Take Form…

BECOMING PART 3:  Turning off Digestive Hormones for Animal Flesh of anykind

Adam’t finds himself going into the hospital for some extreme lower back pain and paralysis. Little did he know, “Revelations” were Awaiting Him. It is an Amazing Moment when Life speaks through those around us preparing a person for what they will “Receive Next”

BECOMING PART 4:  t.h.a. Insights & Modern Science Revelations

Finishing up this Story at the UCLA Medical Center, adam’t takes a Journey into the Ancient Writings, the Use of Metaphor and how it Mysteriously Appears in a “modern English” language centuries later.



We all have family of one sort or another…we live in neighborhoods…communities large and small…and because of these “human surroundings” a person may struggle with the “Constant Pull of Something” indescribable. It is a Pull to “not change”…to “be like everyone else”…and it can be Overwhelming. These final two video describe this Phenomena so many of us find ourselves facing…literally feeling Immersed Within It’s Grasp.

COMMUNITY PART 1:  Science of Human Collectives, Gatherings and Consciousness

Again, we live in a Phenomenal Age…an Age of increasing understandings of ourselves and how the Universe works. There is a phenomena science has revealed called the Sound Phenomenon. It states that Everything that exists…at the tiniest sizes…vibrates-oscilates…giving off a sound wave. See how adam’t applies this scientific principal to human consciousness and it’s constant pull. 

COMMUNITY PART 2:  Becoming Aware of the Unseen & Unknown

We finish up t.h.a. Be…ing Human Movie with this last video on how simple understandings of the Phenomenal can awaken us to identifying the Experiences we are having. The only way for us to quantify and qualify the Phenomenal is through our own Body. With it’s Five Senses and Intuition, it’s not only possible but is a Requirement to enter that state of Peace and Comfort that comes from Knowing…being Familiar with…t.h.a. Unseen & Unknown.

 A Truth Whose Time Has Come…







Considering all that has been Shared in these video’s…in t.h.a. Be…ing Human Movie… it is important to “ground” your Experience in a deeper study of what is here. The two books offered on this website will be a Companion for your own Journey into a Second Genesis Life & Times…a human existence that was intended to be lived free of sickness and disease. What ever is easiest for you to do…you can purchase both books through the donation button here at the bottom of this page or you can purchase the books through our website store or at Amazon.com. This website uses the PayPal platform but you don’t have to have an account with PayPal. It’s very simple to pay with credit card. Your contribution will go to furthering the efforts to bring America’s Medicine Wheel into it’s fullest of Realities. And you can begin immediately your Journey of Discovery into a Whole and New Human Reality only those that “do the Work” will ever know exists. Hope you enjoyed “slowing down” in this Wonderfilled Adventure into what it means to Become Human in an Age Unlike Any Before.

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